Upper Canada Herald, 6 Apr 1819, p. 4

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i ë1cm -efd 'abosMt*-9 aéliick- Ol ~IuesayeW flgt & e l4thintbetwooo the i ith ight d*rý Îm i ~I~ m statiiuied iii Cait.bry. It amMtf "ose refletians castby-the 1.Ah, on t66 character el thée1tlthe -wh - ou ervice in France ; anid euch reMirnét arued themmselves. and were 1nrle i iiin under the ordersof their non.comiiSobI ed efficers ta the accu. of a"i;, u4 hed becwne re0mar. oy the interventioù. of the hiflntry depot, who were called ont, -the qlgriwas tp. Rressed, with imre baso" 1 un both sigles- x umer of the ph forming pat or tlhe 2"oto be disbgnd'd fiom thti 1regi mIe.nt, hsd. reteived theirdischarge oit diat day. GunpwderTavnksM oUe, Los! sd?4"no M=oe,, Claves,. Barn lug GI-s- -,-, Iola, it r writer frein Sierae en be'e, i aGie "«I've had the feprer this mseabo Ve ai dozen limes. Any persO ia m with the climate can form no corc- fou of ifs mise, es,.-T'he nuber ofueo. peas may be estiunated at about-60>g~ erally throughf the-year,'on -au- av allé ai thouhthe new corner.> MA ' be ta c edaI;ï.sO to 40 yearly, thewh pulmun à,~nètincrease, therefore t MIt we Jose, as ~raarves haeoAmat~ o of. purvsvung-are ane hundrd V '>Ir aonst hm.--A visit hoe is bi s Muld 'Pjf d c hope whien evMeratherbffopetof has faild.-Thfii-isbotI leiii gt,>tsnei~tsndýgovernmê dowl we think. t'> trtÎufer the colony 'ta o em . more promissili and healthy quarter. . xetéray tl 0 rIe Plymth PPý-fe d -1- - ý - ~ I Kinasa. vc , 889 T!z, Joofble CoMPIî"ent, or Cm the Anieriran Watchmsit, that at theac IN E of ' nie 4ifMr. LAncaste,'s lectures, MITel the u 0. delivered from athe Speaker. C:aie in 1he beit> a~t Ré.preïentatives chamber- at Washigntheyhat'e u* '"M. Clay (the peaker) corplimente exçelent hirn in hktnd,'ome terms, Observin tuattM U>U thi. (i air he occupied, had ',ever bas in ab in-ehîcf Th4yi wveiI fi.letd before. Mrý. Lancaster o- they o&fr. at the mad jq& degly disctaining the.merit imputad to ji sking ta al" h ini by tihe Speaker, said'la efeçt, tuat mznei >t mani hniii purp.st aspect wa% but a ver ' ýiln;I inqrrument ti ah;her pow.sr, ud 'hat the Chair he had jçigt occupiedi ý'iI autit was, liad not been filled by XDY rates, asd *iing bemlr t06n C.aP 4 LZ, 12% met with:' He beesI publie.. isiryohte -i S~ -t

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