Upper Canada Herald, 6 Apr 1819, p. 2

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* '. - y. mal im. ar wu a id en the trial,- ' .- mnnd bink ,fEngIaud ) ~ eof.stlare waa net a sin- or mrlliflgton la ) 3 e~.ctAlfto-,omrw. LoMi wlth Badges; tulrag eust.prerede thse D 2 ý eue â&yqf expectediW tnigt k*wrsu n 1v- theee xin,ý omUt hous.te tii.plac et e x- ds.ver$e A uftérpr an md religioms liq"*,teiti e WWUI ii:ie0 theda>4'tri t m jt_ rs, that t msaai . ....ce A.1îylrcocucrw tapros urgosu i fi luthé %cOurs 9 ,clust gînontli b #.omb!e*iib e tceWIA .the ian eit"'m"a f4n. Beliw'ho a0md tin Mn tity perions diedofi-tb dte,çaolud , u=t Li pet- ý,oppe«ait Ouslewter; ,nd otlier pl«ces the The ii>l(#èing extraot of a privata lft- 00 5<2ee > ter front flmbay, dateti Augtst8- and ur-uPhet «We have seen letters 1juin Suabulpuei ~coenmandatrlsîgaeatIf the f lit ulit. twiclî pl.we thse detacl ,edra ptle Martial, vlise in- oment hoped toeoejuy a rest after thiei* daims teqdse ~ u1 temiptedattos *d.kAliiom Mi drcwn, tt s-abmitîding- un mld dust: ..nd the agtafr' ~* [Mous, aliedl llaiee4,i à &ar"u tu"w ' ~ r -- ...,...r quet attentioln, on thse Neino Nontice, ad urroun cd ss~MlIstuof Jjitle, lc lly luxuriant topaz. warratla whth 1e e scoanpelled tu ~ ~,* ~ýlg.'puettMafetr. su sruptien. >unanlo% ,or them .ueucenayj ~mmtbeïr latis. eds et thoras, the t"-Loékmith ie celebratet Persian rnoraist, thl1iI uthmtyantb iemau. tï-îIie following tory ef hinsm f diadirgeof this panfiu- - Vrîs oc«S.ays 1e)se Poer- that1 a ùj ~~~1Oi.&-iIl W-oI*OO5 werwh s bya piof shoim- kd was altucof Lw4e f hts vhidi dsIged te go barefootedi However patie 1 mii~ esas 1c4 rIhatibeent 111then, 1 vas beusme vcir dis4 t$aIoeoW U~iiaatla*tie oan saI*uod with mi>'lut, anidcstered thse tain-1 i.ecet i x ~ ,evtatom PWc09 CCOa extreîu.ly melanctiely anud dis- ~!~rdr . isav~lac, droalba ustentcd.I tere 55a aruan wlao had no c*qeecr sleddteh a*su' 1mâd, by nsu lee, reftecting on bis Condition, 1 »p)oie -SIl .i ïbicod beaheuL" complained of wanting shoel but g'ave tliads W .-vor nia> b. ' heart,ithM Il Iaaalsrhtmany oftYeu ta wÎbaies!a 5tlcoula ijal walktiog broed.Jw 'P'» ofdeath, ure I ans, thitcaietl>i îlsfterstthuçc1tel wlnt _fljýcnin Wevor>' breait, thosepoumtioi hitatcwhute!1ii prnaCo 4Oitiélns ejatl'tiew 1I1g~owetatte --,wouldlï je>'1 édthat, while as zitizemaia, ici»>' hmil làsouhi bave 1s10ce.15 " leofficeîs, iutnuated w4hls emecu t taughoiff t x nu vin amehemmae te igoli'«ida moREPu C fletv Àuti d rceta eHi.àsh in 15 mV 314 44 Hatnburs-liip Em'uba Sophia.Capui plOn*ng-the ttatG aduloferel and Ic i ;-. àmcf tid, in aIbiwîef ue aiit'u-e i iii, înr ati'4s tii*bou t, 0maC ed liatsýp;o cwoftbiÀr t, and 0 s ~ . *A --bons -d. _-Sw-l -- ls~ubesead... ,lec tlu. or *np tu=S* saa .a... -tl - - pilsea made b> Prim"l vc18 a Mbii> French consuiMêW"thlw.is 1A c et geaun; farti, f.i utAmriebli ltits n pnSpain for, dzi smesat- #c44 adira thé otu er viboriet.oft S31Msbi or tii. Sahl oone ifth of dis ' -.althese dlaims the Unaited States aissume fo# a sun net cxceeding five inbs cf dol- A. ceaoui la te lie created, of three prns b>'tht prosident and 3,eniite, and tise> .h at Waalnnm; sewkinh the teri theýe yrara 'che>'shall teceive, examinte -of at.e iet aims, 4whenad iimmnediately eut, of tue ýÀ3 ri,*ecreation of a 6 per cent litO& payokabl-e t fUe proceeds- ofthe Floridanads, or-la-mach ther nitinner as Coigres. ila>' by'lwe.çle Ail grasats oai lan4 >'SaiWfore ', Inforni that frotn thenumber etbrulsA oi the bcd>' snd heati, it muet have been pre- voul entaragied =tog the breakers, where li 1)ubably ulec u 'dd-We fath to nrue p=ojeeiout of the mouth about6 feet. It isof ic femate kinu, md îwiIl prebablyieiti aboùt go barrels of oi- tihe body lies Inthe shapç-cf-a crrç. and is drove au incredible distauce up te beach. COMM [NWÂIM. For'th. UJppapýÇaada l (L1t At tbht lait Asbizei holden at s«ndw! icn 1 laj L'ir ~e 1 Mrksud a It c1i-ofth. lLd- sM.'la ('y Compàay were ptb.çutd - fwr ma 'tUdecsr4daais the NiM hWes1 WmÏswigessesThe gnset Z W.orth ~ rset:ti. ilef hidiotmtwu laidb. orEile ~4 jry, Ib4tthey refîssed toti sang. dion I it.ielrspatimvi fspr t>r haid bef« e attnd a teéralof laes- on&' in t'tt.atrict upraàcurecg. ngçeuuitem.hlUL.by tte.n; ut avere iffichar-d&L At tile'lest session of the pro- Ind itmue jeraitôhi any orgauîsed cbu5tk oir townswl,,aithougin luthe fWest- jiiin D)Wtrjt, to lb ougbt ini any othcr Dts- tit; *an& UItie~ late court of.(lier & Ter- rrtàua rO bdeâ-i York lu tltc 1*oiise Distrot,, 'p0the proarcittiit oftthe Nèrtf li ' ta oe ti.5 lkew u ta, t e apiw tal 7 isîPev1 tisrougharne owu*ipf.-e f Art - tww ïv der keaaofrtility, es~jqt 0them al- s~t a Ireatr containung a cadlbepulto whîch lîraipil>' isreasing evor'ycar. Thée expresar p tn-ErcaSe wquld bc .ameçecrate _4y -a liberal mrvonent cf the means ultra elzTimiaue soil»ingeerai, 1% net eulr fertile, 11 4Is et sblfor ajoroad. lutntUcajr iazada ou ticute ameowvusedby rnu âtsIs~aui a circumstaaice which Ias hitherto oeai àtho etài unfavoirably, asta tuhuSettlenment. itm< w tt.asut tewnshlp as. il3hopedth ie p5apieoed if they doenet i efi ce hav e their aatshume- ifiUio eliately mnttled, llesteen i ktheïr ite;eest, a asi Weil eus tlae dl&. te uite I optribuitn IMpeeo ss reair Teishabtants c,.e townsiu ino I'p~ through which fk passesit laprsumiac1tiillor gvcna feel a côuunietgIyde emiulatios tOprompte 0nn ose vaua* an eet lTr' Who caususot pay- i~am~j maoy, Isel4oasr1tu.labobur, to e &P-, plicti, uuad*rle ~c1IAntte thseafi- tajea0 it.jailesuapatsi.u*c th4 Werk. Iwo, b"e a l thé~ata 'CpEfebse ectod auxongise oaï f , u.ma and ieceasàr>'l91 iieb!stu idbly omittedr,thatl is e et uf ýa- WOICw t *0au otod ffl l ots' ~.q"'1- Taqw p thing lezuLwaI aha oi;ta dht»îc Job«.prn gr tis la ati f Win Q vIOe Ob le =sbe~~ &ma M %mm q'-imp 03n-, -, 4 . ýwK- 1-"-- , -. 1

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