Upper Canada Herald, 6 Apr 1819, p. 1

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39 19 9, ' o a]i~ ialu et 20 iU if .Jemd PR 391 9lzm * am Bolsimhe 63 2 0 ~t huf dq< hof "mpvuopéwerý, uuq Mis d of #M*Ma 1814, mare tceouut i.the Mfuy cswff md- mftitaradiinttao The ". e pso&H ilat oeice, answerd gith m mnanima svoice of -approbatiog, bow. mng evna tii dictatorial powier whici1ia -m~ -exmriiecd.Nerrs .m in -the.field, and afeia blondy-omàict 1 came fixm-the field of Caraboto, te '&or ~n~hIethq~ eprsetatives of the peopi~ 4th ley i«lstmaotitute thm oernet ftte re ~Ic.Todisaster or aur < hured ia confoasim our afniicted cont- t~r, ad.othpgthon cou Id stop athe. thon. ~îebblsthownagaina it by th wrmk d MàUltOd t. Nw Grenada; gin. m- cawatl.ths aset the Smoteu .of ~m cu yrwarded niy seri- r tra.Vmea Uppor Vas 1- -~ ou pesce;-your i4m 1gv Q~eterAuuutr&, 2*j Ot. 818. 20(I0.51 tii day. The Floridas r :. plaW 1a%*1 VUi States. 41 ie t ronts'ef Ma iete i*mtai ---othoJanuary 1, 181% aret .Tlie.western bujn y rit l fica"OU1 çOmme.cesaàt the.riïerSaWne#mud' Iiiffl up thest rive! toTth. Kô1wet.r iq mb o,'r of tb. ste of Louisaania; tieej'- ~rn~iuhh ath 14Riyer; thence %$0 diàtgpe.i~o Louis de OM~s. on the. com bort of .pin for a CESSION 0F PLO-1 tell RIDA, fté nUnited tatc,nnd a proiis.. m ion *for the paympnt, in co!tsiertion P wliref). n a in U-lào moneëy-fSour mer. chants hayîng CIaims on filie slh goy- w orannt for kpoliaatins on theirpropat, ie ipduding ako a somtemeùn '4tii. wctcru fi bpundary lii,' between die UUaited St.&t-à and Spitn. 'fbMiahg1àlY impiortat tretyI& se long wilheld, enson& et ' d a- l fid"willi irnPos' 0tC. . yJP~ ofjamni iÈ«~ioernauent for ti~rîk 5o5B*~Y ho~~theI. il ~.# innc.~maai -v s fl*m~ an 1hu a lit# b FI 'laaa-- iik rd -Il -1q ýFý Wb, il ýý

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