Canadian Statesman, 4 Feb 1960, p. 4

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TRU SDÀ*lf . fl, O PAGS a s.aM =c.wa~ Y.- EDTORIALS ItsTime to Wake. Up Ali the good thinking and wçiting lun't being done these days by pro- fessional authors, editors, educationists or even politicians. People in ordinary walks of lif e-f rom the farmer who tills the soil to the guy who fils our gas tanks - are quietly and unobstrusive- ly doing somne thinking and mullng for themselves, says The Swift Current Sun. Sometimes they corne up with a gem of thought that 18 'startling, perhaps be- cause it comes fromn such an unexpected source. The following letter t o the editor is an example of what we are try- * ing to ;Say: "Let me begin," the writer says, "by * aying that I ar n ot a chronie letter- writer. 1 amn just a work-a-day guy with three kids and a mortgage who hasn't much time for correspondence. 1 amn one of those working men and women who are flot yet subsidized or regimented by anyone. I am a white- collar 'private' in a business where I asic no union to f ight my batties for me. 1 do flot get paid for crops I do flot grow, or for work I don't do. "I belong to no price-fixing associa- tions which could uphold my fees. And if I take a pleasure trip, I pay for it and the cost is not deductible. In otiier words, I am just a poor miserable slob who pays the bis for ail this nonsense. I honestly believe that if everybody were paid a fair price for the work he does, 75 per cent of us would starve to death. ."The stupid lackadaisical attitude of this country - one of the foremost ini present-day civilization-reminds me of every other great one in history; each collapsed siniply because the people, when they got fat, got lazy. They became more interested in goof- ing off than in carrying on. They got more concerned about social security than in self -preservation. They thought more of ease and comfort than of free- dom. So they lost it. And, deservedly, they Iost their ease and comfort, too! "No wonder Khrushchev has treat- ed western diplomats like crawfish that wiIl nibble at his dangling bait uncon- oerned about the hook that holds it. He bas a right to expect we will'react stupidly, because western peoples are suckers for anything that looks like something for nothing. "And if our own politicians can druni up support at the poils with pie- in-the-sky offers thai we are going to pay for (whether we realize it or flot) then we haven't learned anything since Eve tricked Adam in the garden. "Don't you think it's about timne we woke up?" Profit is the reward the world pays t.o those who invest their Uinie, their talents and their money in producing the things that people, want. It is flot guaranteed te anyone in any way. Those who seek it do se at their own risk, and have ne ground for complaint if they lose, Imagination, forethought, mngen- uity, perseverance, patience, industry, thrift, enterprise and sound judgment are ail he1pful in winning profit but vione of them can guarantee if. If profits are sa uncertain why do people work se hard and risk se much te make them? Why do they not work for wages and be content with a steady, assured incarne? The answer is that most of us do.ý But if4 we all decided te do that, who would there be tô' employ us and where wouid we find lobs? The plain fact is that some people hiave te také the risks and the responsi- bilities of ownership and management or there will be ne jobs for anybody. Countnies whose people are net en- terprising and wiiling ta take such risks -and such responsibilities are invariably, poor countries, offering few opportuni- ties te their people te rise ahove the poverty - une. Profits honestly muade and wisely spent. are a b6ôn to any country-, and if is a grave. mistake ta- f rown on them or te dîsciminate against thern or treat them as ili-begotten gains. I When industries are nationalized in order to save, for the people, the profits the owners are making, if gen- eraliy develops that the profits dis- appear and in many cases are turned into losses. Well managed industries do flot pay ail their profits te the share- hoiders in dividends. They lay aside a substantial portion of them as reserves against future needs. How to Stay Young Youth is nef a f ime cf life, if is a state of mind. We grow oid only b-y deserting our ideais. Years wrinkle the skin but to give Up enfhusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, doubt, self- distrust, fear and despair - these are the long, long years that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back te dust. There is in the hearf s cf al of us, whether seven or scventy, the love of wonder and the love of life. We are as young as aur faith and as aid as our doubt - as young as aur self-confidence - and as old as our fear - as young as our hope and as old as aur despair. AMacDuff Ottawa Report The "Vigorous Pol*c y" OTTAWA - Thert is probably no f ield ini which the Conservative Govern- meut remains no vuinerable to attack as that of immigration. ,While it has managed te repair a number of its fences in recent months, those surrounding immigration have continued to deteriorate ever since the Government took office in Jurie of 1957. When he was charging around the. hustings during the ca.mpaign that pre- ceded the election, Prime Minister Dief- enbaker made his policy on immigation clear in eommendably forthright terms. "We believe that Canada needs increased population if her develop- ment is to keep pace with hel' vast re- sources," he declared. "To that end we will undertake a vigorous immigra- tion policy in co-operation with the Provinces to bring to Canada immi- grants with needed skill and resources." "We wilI revise the Immigration Act and Regulations. W. will overhaul its administration to ensure that humanity will be considered and put an end to the bureaucratie interpretations which keep out of Canada many potentially good citizens." The Prime Minister told the Canad- ian Ethnie Club that Canada must "1populate or perish".,Australia, he said, had concluded that it could absorb just under four per cent a year of its total population. Using that yardstick, Canada could absorb around 640,000 immigrants a year, four times more than it. had in 1956, Mr. Diefenbaker Zatablishod 1854 wi which inl iicporaed s The. owmanville Nws The. ?4wcoffleladependefll and The. Orono Nws IO6th Year of Continuous Service Io the Town of Bowmnanville and Durhaipi County declared. In 1956 there were 165,000 im.migrants who camne to Canadialu shores.! Because ef the Hunganian re- voit the total shot Up ta 282,000 in 1957. It was 124,000 in 1958 and final figures for 1959 wili probably show the total down even further, te its Iowest mark in 10 years. A far cry that f rom Mr. Diefenbaker's projecfed figure of 640,- 000. Far from encouragiîug an incerease ini immigration, the Conservative Gev- ernmenf moved swiffiy fo curb if severe1y, Only a month affer if took office, it ordered the imposition of the winter restrictions on immigration usually oniy appiied much lafer in the year. Those restrictions have neyer been lifted. The reason for the restrictions, of course, was the mounting unemploy- ment that then faced the country as if headed into a recession. But today, ac- cording te the Ministers of the Crown, Canada is enjoying unprecedented pros- perity. While unempioyment sf111 continues to persist at a relatively high level, it bas been the argument of many people - as it was the implication behind the statements by the Prime Minister - that immigration helps f0 create em- ployment rather than adding te unem- ployment. Nor has there been any step taken yet to inject a littie more humanity and little less hureaucracy into the immi- gration administration. Immigration Minister Ellen Fair- clough did make one change in the regulations last year which wouid have had'-the effeet of severely restricting the class of relatives of ianded immi- grants that could corne te this country. Faced with a sfarm of protesf, she was forced te beat a strategic ret-eaf. In Toronto, recenfiy, Mr. Justice Stewart of the Supreme Court of On- tario contended the arbitrary authority gvnto the Immigration Deparfmcnt was "pedlectly shocking and 4isgrace- fui. .. against every conceivable thing since the Magna Carta. .. " The legisiation that was int.endec to probibit ail appeals to the couri against departmantal rvlings was nei put there by the Conservatives, but b) the Liberals. When Mrs. Fairclougi was asked whether the. Governmeni intended to change it in view of Mr Justice Stewart's oeser,ýJations, thi answer-was "no. At the beginaing of the presený esion she was asked if she intendec te bring inlong promised legisiation t( overhaul the Immigration Act se round. Iy condemned by ber leader three yeart MO » FaireloUgh didzi't know.. mo*SUGAR and SPICE:'o I ~Diuped by BID Smne 1 ~ .:azi.-~ q ULt me tell you about the AndI very year. b. buym me to the big, i.l-manncred brutes, ~ ~ > Typoon. o, Ant ~sîe, he: veryexpehivedinner, not as one does t togm I.Tp oI not a big wmd k beeausebc likes my big, blue willing mongrel. W. reveU' the south, seas. In factit isn ys but becaum iho bas an iilvn nUcfedja nothig but a memory. Not a alidig gratituefrte -fw miles behir&d the linos, sweet, tender mernory, but a poon andl its ex-jockeys. and looked with some acom I L .stroug,pnet on* the Spitflre boys who r- \~ IL A. . Ther were bigger aircraft turned tteain theme4k This memory was atîrrel' and better Snes. but there after an operation. We decid- or and wafted by an article in wasn't aflythlflg lougher than ed we were winning the war, M&cLene Magasine called the oid Typhoon. Twice I was~ and the Spits were only for Breaku t base it by sheila that syould have glaniour-boys. We went so far, etftUic anadians' war ln Nor- tom the whole weng off ales som aea olblt maud. cicathemidle f rgged airraft. I1l they did tle "civilian air force". August, 1944. WIth thie artî. was jolt my old bird, and put ** cie were several pictures a hale the aize of a water- paunted by war artist&taOneocf tmeleonI ifte w wag. Truete lastlSeveral bundred Young Cm.- tiem showed Typhoif tr ni lwoe a terd aans flew Typhoonu. A lot of bombers strafung a German old relie called $ for Sam it them werc killed because the uouin.Ilwa lie xeaganwas shot throu4l, IX h heart, tpofob tey did produceut Co inlit al I utuhel Uac but staUgered wrth me into a a hlgh caisualty rate. But any *Igroe Uiuand 1wlth di he. plowed field and there de- pilot who compited a tour of gresmethn wthdeigt posited me sa0 cntly I didn't 0DB on Typhoons can look MaY TheTyhon asa ig ulyeven bruise. max n mUiceoye. Some of tent Th ypon a a biuycn even look their wlves lu aircrait, built lilce the prov- Thone of us W'ha bal train-~ the eye. erbial brick backhouse. It tookcdoSptrewrcdole* * off like a pregnant pelican w bon wie were e oaelt ye twudb sfoiht and landed with the grace of we ewr u'tdt y twudb sfoiht eRa stovelld. If heSpifie pýon quadrons. The Sput- write a sentimental ode to the If te Sitfre irewas Uic u1IiI-iate ln the Typhoon as it would be to handed like a dainty racing imeabitions of a figbter compose a lyric ta a locomo- mare, the T3rphoon was like siple. TbeThon asaivbt'mgdIgtth. agetcavalry charger, ai- piot * TeTponwsatvbtl dIgtte waysgrti for the bit. sot f ugly duo*fllng wlth a fond words written before my way f ghtngnot too savoury 'reputation. old friend is consigned to the But la the air it had the **" dust-gatherng statistics of a bite and balance of a Vlklng' But we soon g ew attached forgotten war. batticaxe, the deadlinesso au Englisb yeoman'é; longow poecf a modernniotorr-t r & 3 [eeived froni Maiiy I"isms" are trylng te tiens, to smash him when lie postmastn in ail parts of win he, nunds of the Afrîcan, was ndtoharyinludigcniuimaIi crrV^stu 50bbcrn, adt hryCansada it is quite evident that Alrca gcbvonsforaChrift him without mercy when lie once again, the public has res- Aan ou o fr Christia encay was on the run. A scquadron pannd eneousyCthrisPottwan * wll o a. o! Typlieons had the mobility pnequcrusyt tePst t wl l elfru U and orceof . sqadro afOffice Depairtmenl1t reqett cavary n te das oCrm-,MJail Eairly for Christmas". Yours sincercly, C O M P N I O N V O L U E S a d foce o a s uadr n o!Postme~sters have mentioned,Mlor W it weil. * * *in particular, tihe public ser- Think l'm bragging, do you? vice rendered by newspaipers Not a bit of it. When the in stressng the neei for co-op- Printing Essential 's ( ? l m ttroops were l trouble, :hen eratin iiiailing early t neat of 881s. wben the lnfan- thé festive seasom~ try was bigble yanq h co-operatiom of the press My thouglits -aexto cl, hcap.,giownl on the average family tutfitdlews ae osiry lot of moitars. somnebod;' and public, coupled wit>h par- A world without the prlnted back to when 1 xvas discharg- Before the deal was consumn-!sized farrn te properly fccd woul bolIer for tbe Typhoonsi. ticularly good vw~Mher over wàrd is inconcelvable. The cd from the Canadiani Expedi- mated, I diseusscd my propos- tl1e stock, thus everyone wast lgtc lh oi oar heg-se ato aaa ofson and chaos that we tionary Force, and had to start cd plans with another city oc borne ma ofeitcol d d baifuitheuld faceparttofutatheabennfut scrarnbling for a living ini quaintance, wkxose opiiIlvcry pool; grassfloppers ruin-1 brcespot plasterlug tbe trou- mae possbl a. succese f pritlngfce ihard te mxbnei ble potwit bobs r rck.handling of a record voluame ofpinlahrtamgne comnpetition with seven mil- valued because he was mid-1 cd iuch of the gri>rptwt ob rrc-o hrj~ n~ ypsa tjs think how te lay's ,eswitbin m*nut*s.ooenCreitmaonmutc priptet lion other Canadians, so de- die aged, had trdvellcd eXtei-ý very few had much formalilesmnte.wuomrd i n the ortrine cided ta try farming because sively in Durhamn County, and!euctin ecus i inn' the nye ce i iomth O broutineteCaada it appealed to me: 1 knew was considered a "s.ýquare4ieuainbcuei ant v ee eni rmte O ea- fteCnda hns somthig aou if rn fian shotc".considercd nccessary for farm- ground, but those who have Postal Service, I wûi to thank ces were negligible; equip- He thought farm-ing was imy crs; the general morais o! the tell me that wiier a flight of thenslarso and N rn onn tso eip th. ment could lbe purchased on forte, but didn't like the idea1 commnxun it.ycould stand !m- Tyhand s attaed, the sdigl h attt inroyf thbringing saThe diachonetheeve,h credit. o! my settling in the Ponty-' provenient; the people fromlDan out fnd we nredibe. te animortnceof miingreers wtllshei ircin th ryer. A city acquaintance owried pool area, because, hie saidJ "down southi" exploited u oneto ohr hyd the imopnee xiige rlytiltir iecinstrog a gavll, any ar, hihicorne, motors snarling, cân- at Christmas. Jrnig farnnou____ -edcould be'poor, ignorant tolks on ticejnon cracking, until the mom- YouXs sincerely, Drcss and clothing sizes axe graeli. sndy whch ot nouh fed"Ridge", by buyig their cat- ent tic bombs or rcketswr G. A. Boyle, mdicated by printlng. _______ tic ai. unfair prices--cattie released, when, they'dsicap e utPotrierGna. Wallpaper is' a pr'educt et that should be kept on the int the air like silver darts, -. --printing. 7 'original farms .to, produce while ail hell broke loose1 i In the D i fertilîzer. As a final clincher, wthere they'd struck. R. R. 1. A telent. phone -bwihut 'pntel-.4 hie advised me ta contact a ***Cmbelrf i.poebo ihu rnI~-~- native onPltpoinwh Januaaly 24, 160. . A supermarkct w i thbo.qtv andbon Pnfpooia, WlO There le only one type The Editor, i printing would be a nightmari a dwas stiil residing on his birth- around wli bau more respect Canadian Statesqlban, o! confusion. plac; was middle agcd;, had for the Typhoon than the Pilot Bowmanville, Ont. A kitchen without iealendar drikal wcar sme; ddatw o e u.Mei hel-and a cdock without a face- D i t n a t d i k w a or s o e, w s f ntry aod e h a a e e r M . E i ofIl products o f the printing an eider of a local churcn, out f n bot spot by the tinie- I would like Jto suggest to industry, would give azny From The Statesman Files therefore, thoroughly depend- ly arrivai f n tlitt0f Ty- you thaf you bt-I.g to your. housewife a nasfy tumn, and- ___________able, phoona. Once a year 1 meet readers reports of the Billy How weuld we get aiong 1 made a special trip, by o such. Re's a weekly cdi JGrahamn campai"~ now being withouf those monthly bis- 25 YEARS AGO 49 VEARS AGO train from Toronto f0 Ponty- tor wbo was n lowly foot- conducted in Alrica. another contribution of the (Ferury 4,193) Fernay l,.191) pool, to interview this para- sioggei witb the Canadians.1 We are ail aîvare that fhe'industry. D.GC.Bonriycastie was M. J. H. Stuti. andi bid,lgnovuteWn ueea- Dr. . C.ed wherc 1 thouight of locat- re-elected Chairman of thei Wroxcter, are visiting the ing, t didn't take him long 'o High School Boaird foir his Misses HIenry, Wellington St.* tell me of iAs many disadvan- fourth terni at the inaugurai Mir. R. H. Hooper, who has tages, which made me decide meeting of the Board on Tues- had considerable experience that, Pontypool wvas not a good day night. ini the electrical businecs., has fariuing district. Geo. E. Chase, Manager of opened an office in the Hainecs Bowmanville Public Utilities Block and is now prepared toi Then the sanctimonjous oid Systm, ws hnore bythe furnish estimates for wiritig lhumbug praised his own heap sysoteionasofMnciled by f i kndof gras chopper infested biow- t ssi a t itn o! Mun icly w Enlie- o! al ki.s sand and t.ried to inveigle me trieUtiitis rceniy henheMr. Wm. S. Canicron, Van.hunto purciuasing if. The net re- was appointced a member of: couver, B.C., who has been on1iteaithscnuon as the executive. a business trip to Montreal, I ert aea.wih he William J. Bragg, Liberal called on his lather-n-,,dal lnad ihi mn member.-eleci. for Durham, is Mr. Richard Hmln ad.aîa adwihna oth THISL the oldesi. member in the On-I other relatives hiere Tuesday. Wa o! rmi&',wor. he asnheeHFO tario Legisiature. 1-e has reci Miss Leta Lane, Oshawa, ',s 1 tooik my bride: wlhere our ORTO presented Durham Countyl visiting her couisin, Miss Mi-H ee hlrc ec br, S continuouslv since 1919. !da which was ta be our SAVING W. A. Shane, chie! n e rM. and Mes. Thos. Sheril home for fwenty-six ycars.t of VE9GW Broadcasting St -o! this town cclebrated theBIL tien, Bowiuanville, reports 57th anniversary o! 'their mar- Wc had quite a job for the that his station is banginlg out niage S.aturday, January 28th1 firsi. twenty yeaxs, dodging in great style. He received a at the home o! their youngesil the bailiff; thenr, by acquiring letter Monday from a Cana- daughter, Mrs. F. D. MnacKay,l more land, more stock, more din .M. Wickham, i Toronto, wherc they are irniplements, good seed; using Georeton. ritih Glan. sendig te wnter comerialfertilizer, and im- iiy on Wednesday nighf te cd the deal lasi. week. Bout" have a lot tougher job - *celebrate Mr. R. W. Philip'sI Zion: Mr-. W. J. Langmaid ta exploit the *stump dod-amofief unedtm. Tbirthday. lost one of his horses from gers" in a stock deal because Netovll:MisVelma heart failure Monday. thue present generation read Nwn onville is was a Darlington: Miss Bertha lte newspapcrs, listen tae the) Koep your Savings Account 1for 3al'ing. Add to it from Ovsy -weekend guest o! Isabel and Fareweil, Lexington, Miel.,, radio, and travci extensively, pay.. As y * ' w~~V"'1>'ll ain neace of mmnd. 9 Marion Bruce. is spending the wintcr with i besides possessing a self-de- Orono: In the lisi. ef suc- her sister, Mrs. Walter H. veloped st.reak o! business cessful candidates at examin- Foley.1 acumen. "I afions in law, third year, nt Biaclcstock: The populatioi e-- - a r wea rohnw Osgoode Hall, the naane of R. of oui- burg is smliiincreasing. * Phum tww i q ~U ' w nm B .

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