Canadian Statesman, 4 Feb 1960, p. 2

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THJURSAY, VuD. 4th, lm, STATZMAN. UOWMIVEaLEONTAEIO PAGE TWO__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ By Miîs. Russell Mountiol schools followed. Usually they Tyrane. Re eut enoigh trel Thoe u uswhowen bau wrered buildings. Lately te bulld a log cabin and1 school areas have been form- make a lewnug te sow r ln Durham County well ne- cd aud pupils trnsported by flnst crop. Mte his eldest sc mermben D ur h am County buses aud placed in gnaded Robt. was boru. Tii. McLai was thc first map drawn and schools. At onc turne parents ghlins could gnow rnuch studiec inl early geogZaPhy paîd for teaching neyer les' thelr vegetables, catch fizh lessons,, It haî six Towâhips, than $2.00 per child per quar- the. creeks and occasioria each ol whlch has severai tqr Nw taxes aud grans butcher and ahane a pl«. The -small villagea and lu each oft ik care o! teching aud had little cash ieft te bi the. Townships along Lake On- maintenance. L a te r High tea, sait, sugar, aud fi tarlo there are the old towns Scbaols yen. et remote cen- whlch they lied te buy ofd Portnile Neopst. tres. Bowruanville, half a d&3 andPor Hoe.Made At nome (lothlng jouiiiey distant. The. on Cartwright Township ternfi- Early u ic he IM entury ceuh cnop was the potai ed lu 1816 was namned in han- whh they mede by buni our of Sr Richard Cartwright, wolves aud bears were coin- the hardwood they eut as ti menuber o! the Executive mon in dense woeds. Much of ceaned the. laud slowly, ac Council cf Upper Canada. thecohn 5 auatn b vacre. As sean au Robt. w cd snd made in Uic home. Manvers was. uamed in lhon- Cani Transportation Ribbon sales and the. wlnter County nearer Lake Ontario The two leadiug lunes tt and fal tains are greet incen- large fruit orchards ubnîve, the transcontinental railwey s, tives ta ralsing better grades parrtlcuiarly apples. Tho. treca C .N.R. and C.P.R., run tihnough. of stock.. arec crefully pruncd, in wln- the southern part o! the Dairying Devclopmsnt ten, spraycd. several times county. Many fine highwa$'î Dalrmg hs cone alongdurng Uic fruitlug season, b.- have been or are under con- taram thleseanly dalwhn g gnulng before blossom tinue struction. In the early deys. way frmteerydy hnan dlrccted by authoities, as No. 2 highway was like a ravi mlk was straied intto the c praper tme andku abtnuhtewos Q milic pans lu a cool place for o!sry reape nc cane- ittu41 gh ewy, uaNiug the cneam ta nais. aud then it fspy. ik ped, sdard e ckr- cuplind,4lu tihe at, eat.n vias removed with a skinuxuen d.ouly cedarteaknda ck ord l slt ic inthuckers lu Uic or strainer, a small perfarat- dSotie pantir e catlea sudItraspor eting c ma n oute cd piece ot tin about 5, x51". stod oplanlth ewcasfendo o the atni f asindustries ta This was later inuproved by sg rades sold theb. pnacesae f any point Canadasreste the use of metai caps about frdues nd t aepe sue. UYonit n Cntaateth 2 %k feet higli and 8 inches infor jucherries, plaae. ni>tedSt aencaa diameter furnis.hed at the side ieil in herieas . Tôao maaTer dt. aten Sahipin near the botterri. with a nar- wgrowing lsaeas apoitble ailtri of the outy.Port ravi glass and a tap ta drain industrygi loapoial aclte fteCut.Pr off the skim milk. Next came r for cannin.g. Hope on Lake Ontario han a the epaato, amor cotly Industries hi Durham very fair arbour whih will thpparatorbt a mosredstybe enlarged follawing the apprats bt wichsecred Saine manafactuning le donc completion of the Seaway aud ail the cream, directiy after in Bowvin ille. Sonue 600 future expansion f industnial eah xnilking. At firt the wrk in shifts et the Good- resources. Port Hope is a go. cream wvas churned by hand year. There they make con- minute drive ta Malton Air- and the surplus butter made veyar belts for all makes of' port wberc T.C.A. openate te t- into pound prints and sold. cars, fan-bets for ail kinds oft31, parts of the wold.___ itCreameries later collccted nuahinery. pump parts for ______________ sthe cream and supplied tlie mines.. garden hase and haseý tneeded butter ta patrons. A for floods, curved radiator ElI' E VC few years ago the raw milk hose and bard tires. Fil 1q SE VC n was collected daily ln very There is a faundry and the . DEAD, OLD & CRIPPLEI) ,large cans for the manufac- Hollingshead factory. Van- FARM STOCK ýture of cheese. There was a stane's have a large flour andi Removed Free et Charge )- cheese factory just east of the feed business. Immnediate 24-Hr. Service 1-village ou the orth side near At Nevicastle there is a AsYor petrFo h the swamp and another at Bal- wood-pnoduct business, a box sYorOearFr elyduff. Wbey was a bi-product factory, where cases such as ZE iha u iused in feeding of pigs. Today cutlery cases, are made. Therel Z nt 650 1raw milk is collected daily is also another factory hre No Toi! Charge it from many dairy farins lu a desks and cabinets ag re nae.e Nick Peconi - Petrborough i large tank as bulk miik andl Port Hope han 1700 workers ___________ Sille 77

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