Canadian Statesman, 4 Feb 1960, p. 15

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__________ -~--~-- ~ ~ ~ s ~ .John's Vestry Meeting ears Many Fine Reports '4 The Annuai Vestry Meeting in dinners, banquets, teas, o f St. John's Anglican Cisurch turkey dinner and weddlng was held in thse Pariis Hall reception was their prograns on Monday evening, January for 1959. As in past 16, If35, at 8.00 pam. birthday moncys isad been 'f Thse Rector, thc Rev. A. C., > Herbert, opened the meeting' with 'the lesson of tac day and prayer for the delibera- ~ tions asid guidance on thse business at hand. Population Growing The Incumbent's report - pointed up thse advancemerit in the wisole . churehin utis Psrssh of Darlington in that - our general cisurch population -"f continues ta increase grad- à ueLly. Tht growth a! the town ansd suraunding township < presents a great potential for ~~ 'i0 growth in tht Pariis. 7--- "«It is with a sense of satis- faction toalal o! us that rnany iiuprovements have been made ta aur Church and Parisis Hall this past year. It has taken several years te reacis the point where aur incarne and funds have been sufficient ta carry out tht prcgram of Rev. A.C. Herbert renovatian and repairs. Now, that we have started inuprov- collected and presented by ing: the physical structure of Mrs. John Gunn, amounting ta our churcis property, may we $129.53. Tiiey isad given $600 be dttermined, by the Grace tor the Wardens, paid the Rtc- and help o! A]nighty God, ta tory telephone and taxes, sent côntinue tbis necessary and $300 to Restoratian Fund, iMportant work s0 that tht served refreshnîents at the churcis and hall may be wor- Vestry meeting, et Confirma- thy o! the titît. This is the tion reception, and for special House o! God. this is the Gate Chairs for Harvest Sunday. o! Heaven, 1' he said. Total rtceipts 1959, $1621.40. Expresses His Thanks All obligations were met. The Rector expressed his Choir Leader's Report thanks to tacis organization Mr. C. E. Evans, organist anid tht Wardenis, for their as- andl Choir leader spoke on be- sistance and fellowsisip, and h~ !ttcor aigte for their financial donations hayben very regula.r et prac- toward tac new ieatng Syt5- tice and churcis, ta assist in tem and renovation of the the worship service. Ht ex- Parish Hall. He was looking pressed his thanks ta the Rtc- forward with tagerness ta a trad Wardens for tiseir as- Parochial Mission ta be held tirtaneadtemmeso early in Lent, March Il ta 18. the Clhoir. ~Ilis Mission ta be under tht ieËdership o! tht Rev. Mau- Met Ail Pledges rice P. Poole, of Ail Saint's A very comprehensive re- Churcis, Peterboro. d Board meeting at the Angli-j the Rector for his spiritual can Centre in October and1 guidance and assistance at ail the W.A. Annual in May. They ,ta's jf,3 iroughout the past held their annual spring tea1 years. À& Warden's account an.d sale of work in May. Ail1 show 8810.31 had been re- pledges met in full. iev ç) h current, and Evening Brancb of W.A. f265.39 in savings accounts f he Mission account totalled The Evening Branch of the i P$2086-14; $750.00 had been Women's Auxiliar like the1 aid to Church Extension and Afternoon Branch attend these1 $1273.00 to Diocesan allotment.. Deanery and Diocesan meet- The Altar GuIId ings and they hpl a rummage1 sale, bake sale, catered toa a Ma. Harry Sutton reported weddmng. To the Wardens the Altar Guild had been they donated $120 for Church1 faithful to their duty eve.ry extension. Their pled-ges wereg Sunday and for ail weekday $105.00, Wardens' Savings ac-, gervices. They h&d purchased eouri. $25.00, a bale val-ued1 White & Violet àýuper frontals at $27.00, $10.00 each was vo-1 for $155.64. Most of the flo- ted ta the Altar Guild andi ers were memorials. BalanceUntdTakofrgnef- In hei Bak Acout $04.4.their members, Mrs. Charles1 Ladies' Guild Report Betties, was installed as se-1 Mrs. M. Roenigk presented cretary of the Deanery W.A. the report for the Ladies' The Guildettes, a group of Guild. A great deal of work thirty-five younger women ofi The Orono1 Mrs. James E. Richards, Dr. andi Mss. Har-vey Bsan-! M-s. Albert E. Mas-rton spett ton, Paul, Bill, Barbera anti last week visiting in Toronto., Bo-bbic, of Windsor, retus-netiMs-. antiMs-s. Alex Watson! bomne on Sunda>' atter spend-, visiteti Mr. antiMs-s. Aschie ing a few tiays with Ms-. and Watson, Betty Ann andI Las-sy, Mrs. O. Cowan. Watcrtiown. Ms. and Mrs. Bernard Lynchi, Mr-. antiMs-s. Roy MVcG iii Downsvlcw, visited his grand- anti Arnold, Bowmnanville, -,r-ents, Ms. anti Mrs. Harr1v visitetiMs-- and Ms-s. Chas.ý owon Surita>' atternIoori. Taylor. Ms-. Lynchs was guest soloist Mm-. Carmnen Cos-nish ri-ý at Has-man> Unitedi Chus-ch, tersta i n d about twenty Oshawa, on Sunda>' morning, fs-entis et ler home on Fsi- anid at St. Paul'a United de>' attes-noon for Ms-s. Do)n Chus-ch, Bowmanvillc, Suntiay Gootit anti on Saturtia> even- evening. îng e farewell pastY v is l112 Mn.ant Ms. sni al in I.O.O.F. Hall for Mr. antil Mr.andMrs Frincs HllMrs.Don-sGoode anti chltren' Tos-onto, spent tisrer days last 1iohv ae prstec week with ises-brother, Mr win Laeielt.esdec Wm. Robinson and Ms-s. Rob- iMs-.antfi Ms. a-dSmt fr.san.Niagara Falls, visitet iMss. Mr. Wm. Davey anti Mrs.Fs-et Tamblyn, Ms-. anti Mrs.' »ane Founti visitetiMs-s. Mai- Chas. E. Milles- anti sans. dison Hall, Mr'. anti Mms. Frak Mr. and Ms-s. James Rick- Artimon anti Allan, Toronto, aby attentiedth ie tunes-al o! en Wednesday, Jan. 27th. ber fetises, Mr. J. Turubullinlu Mn?. E. W. Schr-uffler s-turn- Toronto on Jan. 25tis. eti home after a lengthy ste>' Mrs. Osle>' Chapman is vis-1 in Oshawa Hospital. Miss iting ?&s- anti Mas. Alan Wil-1 Amne> Scisauffler lu visiting bus-, Taunton. ?i&. andti;,fs Scisauffler anti Mr. anti Ms. KenSyts-, Ms. Ms-. Dave Sciauffler wes also _ #@L visitas- on Sunia>'. Congratulations ta Mr. andiE I f. J.F. Stevenison on Tisr E N N ItS i Sohwedding anniversalry Jan. h is ..meigo Ms-h. W .Krg etls 1960 was Iselt at thse home of! Mr. . L Kig spnt atMs. L. Wcara on Tocsae> ev- Week visiting in Lindisay'. eîn Ja.2t.M.G.eo rs. and Ms-s. Gordôn Lea- eig a.2t.Ms .Yo s~eJudy anti Paul, Scarbos-- openeti tht meeting with a ugspent tise wtekend witis prayes-. followed b>'tise Mtta Mnr. Wns. Leamen. and- Cretti. Ms-s. R. McGill Mibsa Mac Glenn>iý. Toronto, gave tise. Scripture rcading vIsied cr. nd rs.Win. fs-arn "Proves-bs" and contin- Gjan ite i- nM. utd with tht Devotional Therne M.sdMrs. Lorenzo Tul n ryr aanaMr. anti Mrs. Fred. Tht raol rail was asswtreti pas-lit.kOohawa, Mrs. Cea. with the paying o! 27 tees. Ms. Csowthtir, Chasles anti Jamsie, M. Habbs gave the Treasures's R<.wcaatIe, viiteti Mr. anti repor-t for Decen-ber. A corn- Min.-. Chas. Wood on Sunda>'. mittet was put in lta investigate MUr. TOMa Lewis is a patient thse pinces o! new tables for lsMemorial Hospital, Bow- thse chus-ch basement. A dona- *anville. tion o! $ 10.00 was given ta thse , Ms. anti Mii. Osville Chai- Mexcis o! Dimes. Severai thank Auc anti family wtt-e tunts You notes vies-e s-ed. Îp ests Fs-nde>', vening o! Mr. Yearly reports wts-e given b>' d IHar-vey Aiken, Miii- tac Treaisures-, Secretair>' Pas-- k. sonage Board, Christian Fel- Urçs. a nMm. Jîi Haisding, Iawship, Stewardelslp and Chru- Cobourg, visitet Ms-. andi Mrs. stian iDdsscatln Committets. Qor«donLoviti'>'andI tanu I. Mses Betty Jaw W" and~ M.anti Mss. Cecil Robin- Susan Weam sfavous-et witls SNewtar"'"l- visit:-1Ms. everal delightful piano solos1 and 114-s. Wm-. Robinson on $----"-thtie b'iness ses- UIêdsYt *onan"ithe meetng clo tac Churcis meet on thse tirât and thirdiondays of ecd îrmontis. 1hey catered to din. ners for Lions, Miszons, B. & P. Club and held a succeuiful Baking sale. They preaented thse Wardens with $425.00 and thse Restaration fund with $l00.00 and $50.00 ta thse AI- tan -Guild. Tise 'Little Helpera' met tach monta. Thcy had a ruminage sale and a baking sale. To tac Diacesan W. A. tisey sent We cclpts from Mite Boxes of $10.00. Thty held a picnic mn tht tarly summer and were cntertained 'at Christmas by tac Afternoon Brfnch o! tht W.A. A Growlng Concern Tht Sunday Schoal in St. John's is a growing concern. Tht renovations ta tht Par- lais hall and basement has given tisem tise extra space in wiich ta sprcad out, but with a Junior S. S. at 11.00 arn. and tht Senior S. S. at 10.a.m., it is feit that tise need is apparent for furtacar addi- tional space. Tise kindergar- ten had been provided with new little stacking chairs. Bath Sunday sehools had tiseir Christmnas gifts and parties in tatir own particular fasis- ion and tirne. Each child re- ctived has or lier bag of can- dyan orange and gift. From thirLenten boxes they pre- sented tht Churcis Mission ac- oaunt wita $108.18. Total re- ceipts in collections $1,175.11. Misa I. Flaxmnan reporttd tht Cisurcis Restoration Pund te- ctipts ta date $18,656.23. Expenses for installing fuir- nace, constructing ciimney and fus-nace room, re-wiring ohurcis basement, pariis hall and basement, churcis lights and organ, $9,129.59. Mr. B. L. Burk reported -on thse Brotherhood o! Anglican Churchmen, newly organized in tise Parisis. Officers For Year Rector's Warden, Mr. Elmer Henning; Churcis or People's Warden, Mr'. George Carter; Sidesmen's Convenor, Mr. Gea. Webster. Lay delegates ta Synod - Mr. M. L. Roenigk, Mnr. Anton Delange, and Mr. Earl Ander- son. Substituter W1J . 4,elegats- Mn. W. J E. CYrlàton, Mxr. Franxk L. Hooper and Mr. Gea. Brown. Envelope Stcretary- Miss Betty Flaxmnan. Parocis- ial Tribunal - Rectar, War- dens, Mr. W. J. E. Orniiston and Mr. F. L. Hooper. Vestry Clerk- -'s Forrest A. Dill- ing. Advis e Couricil - Rector, Wardens, Lay delegates ta Sy- nod. Vestry clerk. Appointed by Rector-Messirs B. L. Burk, Howard Gibson, Gea. Brown, Dr. Ivan Woolsey. Elected by Vestry, Miss Betty Flax'man, Mr. W. J. E. Ormiston, Mr. P. L. Hooper, Mrs. V. H. Storey. Representativez of Guild- Mrs. R. M. Mitchell; Guild- ettes, Mrs. Owen J. Pessson; Mierrionn W ANr s. .M. CM~mAJi 8TA~UUAN, EOWM~L~ Miss Nancy Wood, Guelphs, spent tise weekend with iser grandparenits, Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Peth&ck. National film board U presenit pictures in Basement of cisurois on Fr!., Pcb. 5, at 7:30. Mr'.anid Mns. Adam Sharp were Sunday visitera with Mn. and Mrs. Ed. Strang, Salems. Mrs. Frank Spry, Rochsester, N.Y., Ms-s. Wilfred Sanderson, Columbus, are visit'; Li- bras-ian, Mira. J. Rickaby. Soprano Canvenos-, Mrs. W. Irwin; Ca ltralto Canvenor, Mns. W. Cobbledick; Tenor Convenar, Ms'. R. Suttan; Basa Convenor, Mnr. E. Raincy; Con- venors of Social Committet, Miss. R. Hancock, Mrs. C. Jones, Mns. J. Rickaby; Coin- mitteetot secure music, Mrs. Workman, Mns. Drumn-ond, Mr,. Ford. Ms-s. Irwin extcndcd worcls o! appreciatian to Ms-s. Worki- man. On motion by Mnrs. Sut- tan and Mirs. Rickaby, meeting was adjourntd. A ver>' pleàsant social time was then enjoyed by ail choir memnbers at tise home of Ms-s. W. Cobbledick ,Nihen refreas- ment& were sts-ved by tht social cornnittet. Ms-. Mitch- elI expresseti words o! appre- ciation ta Ms-s. Cobbledick for hes- kind hospitalit>', bringing a delightful evtning toaa close. (Recreafion R eviews BY Douglas Rigg Miner Hockey In tise !irat Bantam playlf! game tise Lions defeatedth ie Huskies 4-3. Doug Nichais scos-etitise first perioti goals for thse Lions andI Bill Buda>' accounteti for tise winning goal carl>' in tise final perioti. ont. Gary Preston aocounttd for thse Bison' ather goal. Borys accounteti for bath the Barons' goals- Kris Balson ofthtie Bisons collecteti the ani>' penalty o! tht gaine for holding thse puck. Cale; Evening W.A., *s.C. Mr. Htrb Reid's. John Adiams (2) andi Ivan Lions Midget-.Yvnile League Btttles; Choir, Mr. J. W. Ber- Receiitly a group of Young Mills picked up assista on the Ia the fis-st Midget-Juvea- rill; Sideamen, Mr-. Gea. Web- frientis wts- entertainet > ins ol.BilDpw le gai-ne tac Carnets scoreti ster; Sun-day Scisool, Miss V. Bob an-d Joan Falls at th-eis- Dana> oc ni ereBhthirce times ini tht fis-st perioti ?cPeetera. Honoras-y membes-, home. (John Depew) wert tht goal, ta defeat tht Raiders 3-0. Da- Mms. W. H. Densemn. Mr. antiMs-s. Keitis Ceswell getters for tise Huskies. vid Woolner (2) andi Don Lunch was scrved during andt sors, Part Hope vîsiteti at la tise second g.aîte .agnel accounted for the a recesa in thse meeting by tise Ms-. Bian Casweîî's. the Braves scored in tise labt Carnets' goals. Don Bagneli members of tht Ladies' Guilti. Mrat r.CîfriF minute of tise gamne ta defeat and Larar> Pearce also collec- vMie rend Mrat Buffr'sFals.tise Cuba 2-1. Dan-ny Hughes ted assists on tht Cornets' viste, fiedisatBur'sFals.andI Murray Br-own accoua t- goals. Tise Raiders collected cd for tise Bras;es' two goals. two of tht thirce penalties T71~T11TJohn Hughes (Davidi Kerr) handeti out in tae gamne. NENW C scos-et the Cuba' only goal Ia tise second Mdtget-Ja- N e w smidway through tht firat per- venile game tht Orpisans and Mr. andI Ms-s. Allais Poster, iod. Genenals5 playe t t a 2-2 tic. I Mra. M. E. Poster and Mrs. In the thtid Bantarn ganie Larry 'Wèlais (Ted Br-own) anti EdiorMerlette left for a holiday in thse Flyers defeated tise Ti- Las-sy for tne the souffis. gers 4-0. Paul Peterson (Gene Os-phans' goals. Walter Gibson Mr'. andi Mra. lE. Couroux,' Balson). James Archer, Gene, (Rasa Turnes-, James Finti) and Mis. ROY SYcs, Cavan,1 Ray and Maie visitcd Sundeay BaIson and liiilp; îCole (Paiil and Rasa Tur~ner accounteti spent Sunda>' evening with with Ms-. and IMs-s. R. Maos-e Peterson) wcre tise goal gel- for tise Generals' two goals: :Mr. andi Mrs. Wmn. Robinson. and famil>', Tor-onto. tes-s for tise Flyers. Phillip The Orphans collected two of iMr. anti Mra. Las-ne Bowins Mms. Jack Nal Neisha andI Bragg aftie Flytra collectedj thet tiree penalties hantiet visited in CerlisAe. Kny r.C L saf e-thtonly penalty ai tht game out. 1 Mr-. Gardon Lowery retura- iKe and, Mi.nC. a rsffDeb for hookia-g. IGamts Scheduled For Satur- cd home last week tram Mem- bit afsp Lna aniMa. G. l Inthc fourtis and final Ban- day. February GLu. ornai Hospital. Bowvmanvillc. Ln wtaf spent.Sundia>' evn- angreteTePe l- PeWeLau Mr. and Mrs. John Killeens, m iihMss.G eda! anItmiethPrtrsTe30. P etsd-PtWtLa Bownanvillc. Mr andi Ms-s. Rusana. While the men took faeits ietP3t.Wye Iee Wt Leegue-A.M. Clendon Cisallice ..nd fannilv in tise hockey gaine et New- Becket letingTe Peca acr- 7:00-Giants vs. Canadiansý Cavn, r.aniMr. E cstl. rs ycletn two third 7:45-Wings vs. Bruins catî.perioti goals. Tom Wortien 8:35-Hawks vs. Bears Challice, Millbrook, were Misa Joan Reid of 0-oaa0, (James Hameniuk) accaunted 9:oo --tngesa vs. Leafs Sunda>' visitors with Mr-. anti spent Suaday afternoon with for tise Tee Pets' otises goal.,*1 MNrs. Os-ville Cisallice anti Misa Caroleyn Postes-. Thse Tee Pets collected two of Bantam League-A.m famil>'. Kendal friendsarase glad ta thse thrte penalties handeti out, 10:20-Braves vs. Tigers Mr. anti Mrs. Dick Howc, liatashat Mr. and Ms. Blake in tise game.! 11:05-Tiges-s vs. Lions ,Cutcvisiteti Mr. anti Mmr. Alexandes-as-c feeling better Pet Wtt League 11:55-Huskies %,s. Cub., Cou asticc, c -v veîing. once agein. Tise W.A. sent a la thse first Pet Wtt gaine Atom Leaase-P.M. d e rs. tu nGryspanttis Aeane clbr12:40-Bombera vs. Indians M.anetiMs. adMltnaKenay, plat s-.Aylxan-dwe elba-of tise day tht Hawks came up, 1:35--Rama vs. Barons JnetviGraye anM David CdMs.Ke- tdabrida atwt with tLier beat gameof tise. nei1sa ni aii ai We -as-t sors-y toars that season ta defe ~tise Redi Lions Mldtet-Juvenile MUa, visitet Ms-. andi Mms. Reg. Ms-s. Roy Litte is a patient in Wiags 4-0 . Jt!G"à oy e'- Leatue-P.M. utn.Borwinanvil Hospta. thc Haws scos-ers coîîtcting - 25---Orphans va. Maroons Ms-. and Mss Roy' Powers, Ms-. and Ms-s. Las-ne Paeden two goals and two assista. 3:10-Centrais va. Rackets Sces-bosough, spent thse week- andI Jean spent Sunda>' with Michael Bothwehl collecteti a Girls' Broombal endi with Mrs. Ceci! Powers. Mn1u as .Toisn olsdtoasitBtd atwe a h ope Ms-. and Ms-s. Mas-shall Chat- M-. anti Ms. . t snri goalDeend co assti oad tio ie Girls'hBroombl. terton, MW. andI Mss. Orvile Mran IsJ.Ynik ee olce.agaan i fth Grs'Bonbl Chattes-ton, Cas-ol anti David, Waynite and Tenry, spen thtie an assist. Ja>' Rogers also col- selsedule. Tise league playo!fs spent Sunday with Dr. anti wtekend iH-amàilton visiting lecteti an assist on Jef! Gil- start next Monda>', Pebruer>' Ms-s. Keith Taylor, Bramptan. hem mother andi other friendis. hoolys' final goal. AUl fous- etls. ______________________ Mrs. andi Mii. A. Colon o! Hawks goals wts-e scoret in In tise fis-st broombaîl game - Haiton spnit undy with tise first perioti. playeci lest Monda>'tise Ava- CI~rs J. L E MartinelIl an4 IMs-. G. Ili tise second Pet Wtt game lan., defeatedth ie Boonts 1-0 ( IL L N "aénÙneoll'ofpRens'nséýthspent a o! tise morning the Gianta andti t win tht league title. Betty witis thse Theme song and Pray- !ew tibys wIth hiis mother. Beers playedt t a ii'Grp Mr. anti Mri. H. Fastes- anti-I Ricky Barnes o! tise Giants accouateti for tise Avalaa's roPTommy, lied a birtisd-y dia- collectedth ie only penalty of winning goal late in thse final nes- with Mr. antiMs-s.. R. Pas- tise game for boas-ding.1 pes-lot. Joan Crawford aftie Meus George Dewar, Scas-- ber. t was Roy andI Hatches's! th ie tiird andti fnal Pet Avalons andi Glenna Park o! borougis. anti Bruce Gemmes- birthisti>'lest wttk. i'Wtt game o! thse morning thethta Boones cacis collecteti a fs-arn tise Teacists's Callege, & euds-c pSrt>' was hetd1 Canadians defeateti tht Bruina penalty for kicking tise baIl. Tos-onto, spent lest week witis Saturday tveamng et tise home 15-2. Chaslit Evans (2 ),Barry In thse second game tise ans- Sr. teacher, Msa. Taylor of Mms. E. Couroux with the Whiteman, Paul Par-ker andi Prealtys defeated tise Fabiens andi wes-e guests for tise week Ladies isigh gomng ta Ms-s. Reg Charlit Ewes-t werc tise pal 1-0.Cisryl Gili scos-eti tht wits Ms-. andi Mii. Fred Toms. EBlot, Ladies low ta ?Mus Joy- scores-s for thse Canadians. tier-~ Presley8' winniug -goal. Jo Mr. anti Mms. Haroldi Skinnear, ce Elliot, Gents higis going toalad MeDonalti, Bruce Meadows Anne Woodward a! tise Fa- Tyrone, wert Sunda>' visitosaMn. G. MacDonald, Gents low and Nelson Fowler ail col-1 bere collectedth ie onl>' pen- with Ms- anti Mia. Ross Sharp. Mn. George Mes-ces-. Proceeda lected- assista on tht Cana- , iiit> o! tise garne for kîcking Miss Sylvia Ryan and Mr. gc»ng ta the YOung lads base- dians' goals. Howard Mutton Phe ball. John Thonpon, Tos-onto, wes-e bail team. (Rick3' Bromnel> and Larsry Thse final broombali league visitera o!fM?&. and Ms-s. E. Me- Ms-. ifdme &s. E. Couroux, Sinmpson (Raindy 'DewDil) 'standings are as follows: Nain. Ray> andi Marie, spenjt Fs-tdy counteti for thse Bruina'tw W L T Pts Mir. andi Mxs. A. M. Wan, evenusX with Ms-. anti Mn. A. goals. Avalons .... 4 0 2 101 os-s, oMuaniM. vst-Lowe inPetberbor-ough. Atons League 1IP-'-,Ievs ----------- - 3 1I-2 9 Clasemont. wes-t Manda>' st- Mrs. Geo. MacDonaldan or fM n r.A. L. Mrs. Gea. Mes-ces visited i wtls Iatise fis-st Atom game-' Weern. -playedth ie HRasnets scored Boones 1 i4 1 a Ms- ani s-s KetaMcGIIMn. and Mrs. Cy Elsey o!f Os- once in tacts periodti t defeat e~aines sel, Ci k.- - an.tan chk ren wtt-e w-cils-awa onsI rida'. tise iRs-ms2-1 . Danny' Nowlan' - "!-rua-v th andchidrn, ereSudayF1- Mn. Bob Irwin of Aylmtr, is accounteti for botis Horneta Fit ganse - 5:15 p.n. - Htars ait Ms-. and Ms-s. Fred Bil- viïitlng lus sistes Ms-s. Gor- goals. Alan Calver accounteti Presleys vs. Bot-nes. lett, Scarhorougis Bluffs. don Langata!! aMI his bs-ailie, for the Rani' loue goal. Second gamc-6:0O p.m.- \ Dr. andU. Gardon Mikl, Ms&. Allai Irwxn. In tht second Atons game Fabien& vu. Avalons. Toronto, were with Mr. andi MW. and Ms-s. Geo. Mac'Don. thse Disons de!eated the Ba.- lenle ClUsens Ms-s. R. MeCiiil. ald, ROY andI Treaffal elPed s-ans 3-2. Rton -Webb led theî Tht e ssbere of Club 15 Mr. qr-1 Ms-s. Herber-t Wrî- Master W»Ile Winn Cclit-sr-lt p- p m,-rr. r'i" tv wish ta remin« yau of the- 1 Ot ansd fazily, Newmarket. bus 3rd birhd« on Swady. goand suisting on the aLlier' neitSeniorCitizen.'megtlng1 CAN BE .YOURS -emF. W to be held at the Lien. Com- munmty Centre or% Tuesay February MGt at 80p.m Tp]hv.nIAntplv1 IHOBBY CORNER. wa r-Ireeey.ur,%zueaZBy Helen Van DusnI grop wilbe led by MTs. W.I H. b arlton the dainhal. The pleasure and satisfac- One motiier I heard 91 got WII behel ii th man .tion derived fron making a a plain picture trame ithw, If you require transportaL- collection is largely due ta an easily removable baclc, for ion, pleut call Mrs. T. Gat- the way it is kept. If things her hittle girl to mount hor. cheil, MA 3-3574., are just mixed up in a box or art efforts. Whenever ýsh<' Adlt Swlmmlng drawer they are apt ta be came Up with a new pîctuzd, more of a nuisance than a the one in thse frame wi4.s- Many members o! the Aciult pleasure. If, on the other hand transferred to a scrap book, Swimming Class have bee's the collection is neatly ar- Quite a good way to encour- trying their Red Cross Tests. ranged in suitable containers age a 15udding artist, I thipl)!' Listed below are the suVccss- or books it can becomie a n in- mohe tl ful candidates: I eresting hobby, both for the 1Ahesupliedher yong son JUNIOR - Mirs. G. Thomp-1 collector and for exhuti scrasp books, on fon' son, Mrs. C. Swain, D. Most children like to ccllect ltl tre elkst rt Marlowe, Mis. H. Sweete, things but if they do not have anitl stre e ikta nlttq 3&s. B. Bailey, Betty Good-aseilpcet arng another one for his collection child, Mr. H. Balson, Mirs. S. themn in, and just keep themofalhbk ves Turner, and Mrs. P. B.urk. along with their toys, theyofmchbocoes wil very lilcely end Up i the The main thing is ta kcep INTERNMIATE,-Mrs. Lor- trasi can as junk. a collection neat and tidy and na Caverly, Mrs. Mary Towfl of easy access ta look et. send, Mrs. Beverley Wiggans,' Mrs. Sally Colt and Mr. Billi menidation of tht Planning If any one has a collection Cockerton. Board. or some craf t work they Are, A letter of thanks was re- no longer interested in, how SENIOR - Mirs. Beverley ceived frorm the Canadian Girl about giving it to a shut-in? Turner, Mrs. Johann Cocker- Guides Association expressing If you do flot know of an>' tan and Miss Anne Harrison. appreciation of the permission one to give it ta, tell us about There are stiUi a few opta- given to use thse Council Cham- it and we will of fer it through ings for anyone interested in bers for a training course. "Hobby Corner". joining the Adult Swimming The report of thse Durham- Let us hear about your hob.' Classes. The baginners and Northumberland Health Unît by by writing to Hobby Cor-, advanceed swiniming classes are for January was received and ner in care of The Canadian, filled, but if you are interest- filed. Councillor Ross Stevens Statesmen, P.O. Box 190, or in swimming the openings are drew attention to the state- phone MA 3-3587 - betweefi in thie Recreatianal Swimming ment that five cases of rabies 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. and* period fromn 8:30 ta 10:00 p.m. were discovered in Duirham iegister it for the Spring Hob- dluring the montlh. by Show and Sale. ___ Council Briefs A request from the St. Johin Amnbulance Corps for a granit and the estimated require- ment of $100 for 1960 asked by the Bowmaniville Plann i n g Board was referred to the fin- ance coninittee at the meeting of' the Bowmanville Town Council held on Monday even- ing in the Counicil Chamber. A letter was received f rom Howard Edimondson asking Permission to erect a fence across tihe road allowan'ce bet- ween bis two properties on Hunt Street. Deputy Reeve Ivan Hobbs stated that if per- mission could, be granffbed on a yearwly basis so as to retain the right of the town to have it open iihere might not be any reason agianst granting Mr. Ed!mondson's request. He mov- ed that the matter be left in abeyanice for further invest- igation. Tihis was carried. A letter was received f rom the Planning Board recom- mending the rezoning of lots 34, and 42 in Concession one. This is tihe Charles Churchilil PropertY. Tow.n water is avail- able here and there is a res- identi area nerth of this land, the letter stjated. Couneil agreed tD concw4r in the reom- i UTrS HERE! Chrysler's New Economy 'Car Th VARLIANT 1We invite ail residents of Bowmanville and District to come into our showroom this week- end and see this new Canadian..built Compact Car ... in the Low Price Field. ;Palmer Motor Sales iCHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH - FARGO - SIMCA DEALERS 20 King St. E. Bowmanville Phone MA 3-5487 ~LU J t - a a 4 0 Mr- x Makce Thot Dream Corne True! THIS HOUSE CAN SURELY BE VOURS WITIH TIRE HELP 0F OSHAWA WOOD PRODUCTS If you as-e planning to build see us irnmediately ... we'have a fine Plan Book Libras-y -... can rccammend a reliable Architectural Service -cen recommenti several reliable Contractas-s ---an-d supply you with Quality Building Materials that will give you years and years of service Stop in et aur Courtice Showroom and inquire this week We Specialize in SERVICE - QUALITY - INTEGRITY OSHAWA W@O R UT Downtown Showroom L!'ITED mt 5SIMCOE ST. B.-RA 8-1617 9 Osbawa Teleplsones to Serve Yen DOWMRANVILLE-M&3-M»0 L la Otites and Sbowrom COURTICEI-RA 1-1611 IJAX-ZENITÉ L 9 P.M. - -. t .- . . - t t-. t.. THIS NEW HOME I DOWNTOWN OFFICE OPEN FIRIDAY 'TII ORONO-At thse meeting of suggested a meeting be ar- the Clarke Townsilp Couincil ranged between thse Toywn-1 held ln Orono on Monday ship Councils and representa- evenln<, Jarsuary 18th, Reeve tives o! the Orono Chamber Earle Walkey appointed Coun- of Commerce, thse Police Trus- cillors Ernest Dent and Johns tees and thse Pire Maruhall ta Stone to thse Finance and Pro- discuis possible useans of fire pcrty Committee and Caun- protection. cillors Russell Savery and R.Th rn Poie ruts A. Poster to the Roads and TieOo PlcTrse, Bridges Committet. j presented council wit.h a road Third and final rcadling was work program which they givento th by-l w etn asked be included in the bud- gienttse by-lwMsinalg et for the year. R. C. Forres- Bulin asha OonoMuniipalter stated that the townshsip Building as ahe foll conito Centre. Three readings were she ld bear therfuilincoando given ta thse appoint- hiptogne.H fo.Mrceiint-an ing H. E. Million Township chottan .qMuMrter oit-e Clerk at a sa!ary af $4,750 a c u htacqatro h year. It was decidied ta have population of Clarke. Town- thse by-law ta set up the Odd ship lives ini Orono, and tisat Fellows' Hall, Orono, as a therefore an expenditure of Comnunity Centre pubflshed $5,000 on the roads lu the before it is given a third and village woul not be out of final reading. the way in a total townuhip Council. received two re- budget of $90,000. quests for action regarding The Orono request was the sta.rt af a system of tire turned over ta tht Roads and protection for Clarke Town- Bridges Cotnrnittee ta study. ship. Maurice Pedwell, Na. 9 Reeve Walkey stated that tise Section, spoke- of tise need. Road Budget must be com- Arthsur McLaren on behalf of pleted prias' ta the end o! the Chaniber of Commerce February. _______ Orono United Churcli Choir Elects Off icers

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